Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boris The Brave, my Warrior Prince and Champion

My boy is leaving me. My four legged boy-my heart and soul. He has informed me that he wishes to leave and not do the needles, vet care, IVs, food or anything else we have been experiencing for the past two weeks. To be sure of his request, I called on another intuitive as when we are in a situation where our beloveds are leaving we are often too stressed or sad to know for sure if we are hearing correctly. I was. He desires to leave on his own and I am spending every moment that I can by his side. I watch him as he sleeps, which is 95% of the time now. He is not in a cat nap state but very deep and I can sense his spirit is out in the other realms connecting with old friends and those who are helping him to transition. I don't disturb him for when I have by accident he comes out slowly and groggy, cranky actually and he's barely here. When he comes out on his own he wakes up nearly energized, though his body is weak and rocky and he heads determinedly to the door and yowls at me. None of the other animals (the puppy and the kitten) bother him now. He doesn't even acknowledge them. I put on my raincoat and my hiking boots, scoop up his frail body that weighs all of about 3.5-4 lbs now and holding him upon my heart as I walk down to the meadow and the stream. Being an inside cat he is mesmerized by being outside, something I am indulging him in that he wasn't allowed to do before because he would jet off and get lost, not knowing where he was. I set him down, his tiny paws in the cool wet grass. He traverses the stream drinking non stop, lifting his head only to stare out taking in the sounds, the smells, the sights and the breeze. I sense he is downloading this to memory and will take all of this back with him, to whom I wonder? Who will review all of this that cannot see for themselves because their status is too far on other dimensions to know the earth? He walks to the pond, drinking some more and stands, again just staring. He doesn't notice me much as I walk around looking at different things in the earth or sit on a rock near him just watching and taking our last few times together in. This cat, this amazing soul, my champion, my warrior prince who at his peak weight weighed all but 8 lbs but would hold off a dog 10 times his size if he thought they were threatening me. He always protected me and was quite formidable. The neighbors feral cat who would pick fights with him (again twice his size) on the deck he was allowed to be on occasionally, would stir such wildness in my boy he would leap the 3.5 ft. railing without touching it to pursue the beast and send him home. When he was demanding something of me that he wanted and I wasn't hearing him he would let out a roar that sounded like a Jaguar, deep throaty and very loud. Then as my senses became keener he would simply stare at me as I bustled around the house until he caught my eye and then would tell me what he wanted. He had opened my heart so wide that I thought it might leap from my chest. I had done the same for him. He had been with a woman for 12 yrs. who had gotten married and had a child in a very short amount of time and then gave him up-telling a friend that she would put him to sleep if my friend didn't take him. In a house with 3 other cats he was perfectly miserable. When I met him he stole my heart and I carried him home on a plane across the country. He was quiet the whole way, looking up at me with bright green eyes. He was clear with everything I was thinking from day one, teaching me to communicate with him. His previous person had had him declawed so severely his balance was never quite right and he would stumble a lot and didn't feel secure in jumping up on things. His insecurity led him to bite viciously if you would request anything of him that he didn't wish to do…clip his back paw nails, put drops in his ears, take him away from something he was in the middle of-like catching a mouse. His fear of life was very strong. It took a year of holding him close to my heart and asking him to let go of my hand or skin he was holding in his teeth, often breaking the skin, until he realized that he could trust me and I would never hurt him and he needed not hurt me. We were tightly bonded and this soul who never really asked for much of anything would receive anything he did ask for from me. Now he was going back home with a peace in his heart I haven't experienced in an animal crossing over before. He is nearly blissful. My heart soars from bliss to tears knowing that I won't have my boy beside me as I sleep for much longer. Nor will I have him to carry around the house like a child as he looks up at the world from a different vantage happily purring and talking loudly to me. The four plus short years we have had feel like a lifetime and yet still, is simply not enough. It must be however because I would never wish to keep him from the place he so strongly desires to be. I only ask that he be there to greet me when it's my turn. My sweet love who no doubt will be beside the special soul dog that I shared 15 amazing years with oh so many years ago. I love all creatures and it's those few special ones that you have shared many lives and many adventures with that are so difficult to let go of. This boy, so much wiser than I, who remembers, is connected and knows source so heading home. The words of You Are My Sunshine are trailing off in my head that I have been singing to him the past few days as I watch him again sleeping so soundly, drifting further and further away...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Weekend Readings

You may find me at Kress Emporium for walk-in readings, 19 Patton Ave Asheville Downtown on Saturdays 12-7 and Sundays 12-5. 

I offer private individual and group readings at my office space at 70 Woodfin Pl. Asheville, NC and phone or skype readings from anywhere in the world.

My prices are as follows;
 $25.00 for 15 min (at Kress only)
 $45.00 for 30 min.
 $80.00 for 1 hr.

Hope to see you soon :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Healing With Love

I have two cats who are rescues. One an older cat I brought into my home at 12 yrs. of age who was tragically declawed (one of the cruelest things you can possibly do to a cat) and another who came to me recently as a kitten. Like many cats the older cat resorted to biting because he felt helpless. He became angry at other animals around him and didn't want anything to do with them. He would bite me if I tried to trim his back claws (which he still had), brought him inside if he got out, startled him suddenly, tried to give him medicine etc… I thought about what had happened to him in his life, evidences I had intuited from his reactions to things of obvious abuse, such as the slight movement of any plastic bag and oddly enough the noise of any movement of dishes or silverware either of these sounds would send him fleeing in great fear to the other end of the house. My heart went out to him and I began to love him through it. When he would go to bite me I would say no and then hold him close to my heart and kiss him telling him how much he meant to me and how much I loved him. He responded beautifully and quickly would react as he had for the 12 previous years in starting to bite and then would stop half way and go limp in my arms purring. Now he just listens to me when I ask him to be patient and let me do these things or to be nicer to his brothers by not biting them when they try to play with him (he unfortunately has a very short fuse). This defensive little ball of aggression has become the most loving, cuddly animal I have ever known. My other rescue showed up at my door with a broken back. It took me several weeks to realize his back was broken because, though moving slowly, he never showed any sign of pain until the swelling inside his little body became so intense upon his spine he quickly began to walk with his hind end drooping and cried when I picked him up. I rushed him to the vet for an x-ray. His vertebrae was so severely broken that they said his growth was stunted from it (he at 1 yr. was the size of a 3 month old kitten) and the vet said he would always have issues and it probably wouldn't heal completely. This prognosis was not what I was going to accept. I put him on the best food I know of as well as a highly nutritious mixture of homemade food my friend Jean-Pierre makes for his clients in California. I began using my hands to comb his energy releasing blockages and bring healing light into his body. Immediately he began to play and feel better. Nearly overnight he became a kitten I didn't recognize in his exuberance for life. I have used the healing energy and good food regime for three months now, but mostly I have held him in a state of continual love. I tell him how strong and healthy he is and I see him as purely divine love all day long. In the two months since I have had him he is now the size of a normal year old kitten, with a growth spurt of more than twice the size he was when he came to me. I have seen he was kicked by a man with boots where he lived before he came to me, which is how his back was broken. I live high up on a mountain and I know my neighbor’s pet companions. He was no one's kitten that I know, yet this little guy came through thick forest undergrowth, a very long distance to my house and sat out in freezing temperatures crying until I heard him and coaxed him in with love. He had never been inside before, didn't know how to use the kitty litter box and was very frightened and feral. Within 24 hrs. he was in my arms sleeping soundly and purring non stop. 

Love does heal all things and creates miracles everyday. With gratitude, in recognizing this we attract more of it to us. I have used it to facilitate healing in myself as well as animals and in working on other people’s pet companions. More and more it is the bulk of my work. Being human I do still incorporate other methodologies, however my goal is to one day be in the place that I fully exercise the truth that it is all that I need or use.

Communicating With Love

One Word…LOVE.

It's really is all you need. LOVE. Everything comes down to it. It is the core of every bit of healing in animals from PTSD to health issues. I am using it more and more, stepping into love and letting go and allowing it to transmute whoever it is that I am working with or on. For animals it is the direct link to communication with them. Animals are more in touch with and respond  much quicker to love than people. It clears any miscommunication, so called bad behavior, aggression and it incites forgiveness and new beginnings and it is permanent. 

The first step to changing your animal's behavior is connection heart to heart with love. Imagine your heart opening and think of them as this perfect living being, see the divinity that they are and picture a connection from your heart to theirs. Breathe in that feeling and love deeply and picture a cord of love coming from your heart to theirs and back again.

The second step is understanding what an animal is going through. Be in their paws so to speak. View the world from their vantage. What are you upset about, what has changed in their world, what are you focused on? Have you been stressed, upset or has their been an upset in your household? Has something changed in their world such as another pet companion being introduced, a move, remodeling etc... Are you focused on their incessant barking because it rattles your nerves and the neighbors are complaining? 

Our pet companions are always helping and healing us in our lives. They take on  our stresses, problems, illnesses. They think it's their job. If we are unhappy with one pet companion’s behavior, our other pet companion may become aggressive to the one we are upset with.They may feel they need to step in and clear up the situation for us. It is necessary for us to give them each separate jobs, such as guarding the house, being a playmate to the other companion, walking with you daily. Truly it is best to find a job for each member so that they do not fill in their own blanks of what their responsibility is.

Your pet who wishes so very much to please you, who feels it's their job to help you, only picks up what you are seeing and focused on in your mind, i.e., their constant barking. So in order to please you, they keep barking. Visualize quiet. Visualize petting and hugging them after the thought of quiet. Visualize circumstances of how they normally approach something with barking i.e.; the dog next door coming into their yard, and visualize your dog peacefully lying down and standing guard but neither barking nor attacking.

Animals communicate as we once did thousands of years ago. They do not fill their heads with past thoughts, thoughts of the future or analyzing what someone meant. They are entirely in the present and work with images rather than words. We however are thinking over 70,000 thoughts a day. Therefore when we make a request of them we may be thinking about what happened an hour ago, what time we need to be somewhere, what Jane thought about this or that. For a being that communicates by thought, imagine how terribly confused they become. They do not know which thought they are to focus on...who is Jane anyway? They do not understand what exactly is it that you want. It always amazes me the arrogance of people who assume animals are stupid! How intelligent is it to be so completely unaware of your own or another feelings? Animals know exactly what you are feeling-always. On the other hand you may be focused on the behavior that you want them to stop acting out, for instance, the puppy is always peeing on the rug. This is what the puppy is picturing as your request. Every brain, human or animal, does not register the negative. In other words if you say to yourself I don’t wish to be stressed about a specific issue any longer. Your subconscious does not register the “don’t”, in fact it is removed from the equation leaving “I want to be stressed...” Thus the subconscious acts this out and you are stressed! We are all naturally programmed this way. The Universe is not set up for negatives. This is a man made concept. So animals are seeing what you are focused on and saying, “Oh, OK this is what she wants, for me to always pee in this place!”. Animals always wish to please us. It’s their nature and in their hearts. However there are the times where they will also do something to get our attention, chewing up our favorite shoes, peeing outside of the litter box etc... The reason for this is because we are not understanding the needs they are trying to communicate and they become frustrated. Their behavior then becomes more extreme. So many animals are sent away to other homes or bad places such as the humane society or even put down simply because their humans were not listening. 

Begin communicating in your pet’s language. Picture that cord from your heart to their’s and start requesting your pet companion come over to you, get a certain toy or go to their bowl for a treat, fully focusing on this one request, clearly and vividly. Picture your dog, cat or horse etc... getting up and walking over and you petting them or getting up and getting the toy you wanted. Then watch their reaction. Usually they will stop and look up at you with this HUH??? Wow! in their eyes as you are communicating and getting through to them on their plane. You are meeting them halfway for the first time. It takes practice and if you pay attention you will receive their messages back, whether it’s actually hearing them, seeing an image or like me just having a knowing of what they want. The communication I receive is so subtle, that for months I didn’t think I was getting anything at all from my companions. Then I noticed that whenever one of my cats wanted something, he would just sit and stare at me. Knowing what he wants is so automatic now that I react accordingly before I even realize I have received his message. He used to be a talker and now he just stares. I miss his voice but he seems so much happier communicating this way that I don’t request he be any different. We ask so much of our animals daily and they truly ask very little in return.

Another point I would like to bring up is the fact that we do ask a great deal of our pet companions, mostly in the way of faith. Think about it. Imagine your partner leaving the house, not telling you where they were going or when they were coming back if ever! Or packed you up in a box and took you in a car driving off to goodness knows where. Then brought you into a noisy place that smelled of chemicals and dog urine with dogs barking frantically and cats yowling unhappily. Suddenly some strange smelly person (think of their keen noses that have a hard time with our perfumes and chemical cleaners) pulls you out of the box and begins rudely sticking things in your ears, mouth, bottom (!), poking and prodding and even sticking a needle in you-how rude! and very, very scary... Even worse leaves you at a similar place not telling you anything and you are there with strangers not knowing if your people are coming back...ever, as they go off on vacation without a care. For a rescue animal this is death, truly. They think they are going back to a kill shelter or are being abandoned. You would never do this to your partner or your child. Why would you be so thoughtless with your best friends who love you unconditionally? When  you leave the house tell them where you are going. Tell them why and when you will be back. Then make sure you keep your promise.

Simply put yourself in the paws of another and begin to see the world from their perspective. We ask so much and in turn they give us everything.

Monday, January 27, 2014

WORKSHOPS!!! Opening Your Heart and Others...

I have a series of workshops that I am and will be doing. The next workshop coming up Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 in Asheville at Willow's Dream, 64 Broadway St. Asheville, NC 2-4pm is the Opening Your Heart Workshop. I will talk about the heart, physical and energetic center and what it means to have an open heart as opposed to a closed heart and how this affects our life from relationships to success. We will learn techniques to listen to your heart, understand it's needs and how to live daily with an open heart. The cost is $15.00 RSVP @ 828-668-2269

The next workshop is Sunday, February 16, 2014, again 2-4 pm at Willow's Dream and will be with my friend and fellow intuitive/medium Judith Ann. We will give readings and bring in loved ones who have passed over and have messages they wish to express. The last event was a lot of fun and very successful as a lot of loved ones showed up! The cost is $22.00 RSVP @ 828-668-2269

On the 23rd of February I will teach an Introduction to Animal Communication where I will teach what animals are thinking, how they think and communicate and how to communicate with them. The main emphasis is understanding why they do what they do (pets) in what looks like behavioral issues and how to turn that around by hearing and honoring their needs. This one will be a very informative and fun event as well.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Furever Friends

Kelly stood in front of her Vinyasa Flow Yoga class and began to tell us about the loss she had had of her dogs. They had been shot by a neighbor for killing a chicken. She thought it would be appropriate that the class would focus on forgiveness that day, as she and her husband had been sending their neighbor love and forgiveness all week. That in itself was truly remarkable for a normal person, but this was a natural and daily act for Kelly who lived a truly altruistic life. However, it was what happened next that taught me many understandings of when our loved companions pass over. As the Asanas (poses) began I felt the spiritual presence of two dogs beside me. When I looked psychically I could see very clearly two large dogs requesting my attention. I asked if they were Kelly’s dogs and they said yes, that they wanted me to tell her some things she needed to know. I requested that they wait until the class was over as it was very distracting for me and I couldn’t exactly interrupt a class of nearly 50 people to speak with her. They agreed but stayed patiently near me the entire time. At the end of the class I approached Kelly who I really didn’t know very well, as the classes were very popular and many people surrounded her for information on yoga afterward. It was just as busy this day, so I waited until there was no one left in line. Kelly looked up at me and smiled with all heart and heartbreak in her large eyes. I told her that there was someone who wished to speak with her, not knowing if she would be open to the idea of her dogs coming through from spirit. Anyone else might have backed away from me slowly but Kelly, instead, stepped forward and said “Absolutely!”
So, I first described the dogs. The one who was doing the talking was very big, white, long haired and a masculine female. The other more in the shadows was also large, a black Shepard mix it looked like, male but younger and shy. Kelly confirmed that yes, this is what her dogs looked like. Then the white dog began telling me what had happened. The male, Buddy had headed for the chickens next door and killed one. Yukon, the female had dug out of the yard to go find him. Seeing him shot, she offered herself up to follow him in spirit. At the time this information surprised me, as I couldn’t understand why she would wish to die. I asked her and she said that she always took care of Buddy, and he was scared and confused after being shot and was stuck in spirit. Though this was his lesson, she said because he needed to respect life, Yukon moved into spirit to guide her friend through the process. Kelly confirmed immediately that there was indeed evidence that Yukon had dug out of the yard, which Kelly didn’t understand because in their years together Yukon had never done that. Then Yukon asked me to tell Kelly that she was sorry that she hurt Kelly by leaving but she wanted Kelly to know she had waited for her to come say goodbye and that she would in fact be coming back again as a puppy so that they would have a long life together. She said that she would have the same coloring and would show up when Kelly least expected it. For now, though, she needed to be with Buddy a bit longer until his transition was complete. Kelly’s eyes teared up as she said that Yukon was a tough dog that was found in Alaska.  Yukon had nearly died several times, once before from a gun shot, but had always pulled through. This dog was her soulmate. Kelly said that the vet told her Yukon would be fine and would make it after being shot this time, but shortly after, she suddenly passed and they were all confused as to why. Kelly also said that Buddy did kill everything--squirrels, rabbits, anything that he came upon when they were hiking or that came into their yard.  She had tried for years to break him of it but couldn’t. 
This session went on for 45 minutes with Yukon answering every question Kelly had. I learned so much that day of our animals’ choices in their passing and rebirth. Since that time I have learned much more of their wisdom.  I learned how passing from one body to the next is not a tragedy to them, nor one they are attached to, except in the cases when their people companions can not let them go. An animal will stay in physical form no matter the discomfort because of a human’s attachment and fear of losing them. They will also stay very close and not move on to their commitments in the afterlife because of a human’s extreme grief. It is very important for us to celebrate our animals lives, grieve consciously of their transition and encourage them to move on and let them go. There seems to often be a transition that they go through before they can come back and be a guide to us from the other side. Holding onto our grief and wishing their return or that they had never left is not honoring their lives or their choices. Every soul has free will and this needs to be respected. Animals unbeknownst to most of us are our guides and protectors in so many unseen ways.
I often recommend a ceremony and remembrance of the pet companion’s life and a celebration of their passing. I will often ask for their people, and if they are choosing to come back or will be moving on to a different form? The answers are varied and it is important to honor their wishes and what is best for them.
As for Kelly? Yukon was indeed discovered as a puppy many months later at an adoption event from a local shelter outside of a large retailer. Kelly went over to pet the puppies, having no intention of adopting a dog that day.  When she got to the crate a white, long haired puppy sat in front of her and looked up directly into her eyes with intense focus. Kelly knew instantly that it was her Yukon, and indeed it was. They are happily traipsing the back trails together once again just like they had always done.

Note: The above image entitled "Tell Me What You See" is by Tommy Chandra Sasmita and can be seen at;

Friday, October 25, 2013

Soul Destiny

I awakened this morning with a cat snuggling as close as he possibly could to me, head out of the covers and the rest of his body nestled underneath them. I thought about his journey to me, which I have no record of before he introduced himself by pulling my hand into his cage at the vet's office as I watched them untangling my beloved Australian Shepard, Pasha, from his IV's in order for me to take him home for his very last few hours with me. My Aussie was 15 and had valiantly hung in there not wanting to leave me alone. It was a difficult time in my life and I would learn later he had set up that the tiny kitten in the crate above him would be coming home with me in order to comfort me in my loss and be my next companion for many years to come. 

As I attempted to follow the men carrying my old friend to my car, tears streaming down my face, I found my hand not only wedged between the bars of the kitten's crate but he was curled up in my hand, asleep. I didn't even remember putting my hand in his cage. I gently pulled my hand out from the impossibly tiny creature as he tried to cling to me, looking up with big eyes, clearly not wanting me to remove his warm bed.

I brought Pasha home and held him until his last breath a few hours later. This would be the hardest loss of my life next to my mother. As my thoughts had gone through my life with this amazing dog who had been the first animal in this life to communicate effortlessly with me, a thought of a little kitten kept creeping into my mind. I would shake it off and get back to focusing on my boy, telling him over and over how amazing it had been to be with him, that I understood he needed to leave and how honored I had been to have shared so much precious time with him-he had taught me so much. I knew he had to leave and I assured him though I would give anything to have him grace my life again, that I also knew he had learned what he desired to experience by being a dog. He had told me the first time I heard him communicate to me, who he had been in the past. The conversation went something like this;
Pasha was playing with a ball on his own, manipulating it perfectly with his mouth and feet always sending it in my direction wherever I was in the room for me to send back his way. I thought while watching him that he must have been a soccer player in a past life with the precision he displayed in manipulating the ball. He looked up at me, straight into my eyes and I heard,
"I was." 
"You were a human in a past life?" I thought back to him automatically. 
"Yes". He thought back. 
"Why on earth would anyone be a dog in another life after being a human given how poorly dogs could be treated by so many?" I asked. "Because there is no faster way to learn the lesson of unconditional love". He replied back to me. "Oh" was all I could think to reply as my mind reeled in the clarity of that. He then broke his gaze with me and went back to expertly handling his ball. That sent my mind spinning in so many directions of what we choose in lives and the reasons why. This dog had constantly let me know with just a look how indignant certain things were, such as being on a leash when just by breeding alone he would stick close to my side, never straying for another dog, cat or human unless I asked him to. 

So here had been this little kitten who pervaded my thoughts and who I asked about the next morning when I brought the Veterinary office their IV equipment back that they had loaned me in hope that my beloved would have made it through the night. They told me this large feline soul in a little package had been found by some kids outside of their clinic, on the street by a couple of kids and brought in to them. They said he was available for adoption and was so very loved by them that someone from the clinic took him home every night. A receptionist brought him to me and he immediately curled up in my hands and fell asleep. She said that they had other kittens too and would I like to see them. I thought that maybe I should and see if I resonated with any of the others. At hearing me tell the receptionist this the little kitten awakened, looked straight up at me with this look of,
"Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to be with you!". I heard him loud and clearly and told her, 
"No, evidently this is the one I am supposed to adopt." With this he put his head down and fell back to sleep. 
"What will you call him?" she asked. At that I immediately replied, 
"Socrates". Not having any clue why I would have decided on that name until I realized it hadn't been my idea.

So as I lay in bed this morning, with this sweet soul who had lived so many adventures already in his 11 years with me, I realized that the Universe had placed him in my path, decided upon and agreed upon with my soulmate dog so that I wouldn't be alone in what had been the most difficult time in my life. That the Universe had assisted him in being "lost" or given up by those little girls in something that could have been a very tragic tale of being separated from his mother and siblings just so that he would be in the crate above my Pasha only hours before he left the planet. Because you see, Spirit works this way. There truly aren't any tragedies, only adventures set up for our learning, experience and to place us in the path at the proper time, for our requested destiny. It's all our choice, we are victims of nothing, be it a dog, cat, human or whale. We place ourselves in locations and circumstances not only for our own learning but for the learning and growth of others as well. Sometimes precious beings sacrifice their lives so that we may grow as souls and understand that the cruel and selfish things we do that hurt others. An example would be of placing highly intelligent and sentient souls such as dolphins, in cement prisons simply for our entertainment. This being no different than the Romans placing slaves into a Coliseum to fight it out viciously for their entertainment. Many a dolphin and whale still sacrifice themselves in this way, a shortened life of torture and imprisonment so that we may become a bit more conscious as a species and realize the equal privilege all souls have in being incarnate. That we human incarnates are guardians of the earth not the dominant factor for frivolous disregard of another's inalienable right to exist in peace. The difference between humans and animals has been debated for centuries. The difference being that only a human has the desire to change his/her environment solely for the sake of edification.